Dynak Tap Tubes
Dynak Tap Tubes

Air Gas Liquid

DYNAK Tap-Tubes are copper manifold assemblies with branch fittings or "taps" uniformly spaced along the length. They are used worldwide in all types of industries for the distribution of air, gases or liquids.

Dynak Tap-Tubes Are Cost-Effective

Compared to other manifolds, DYNAK Tap-Tubes are more efficient and less expensive to manufacture, especially in longer lengths. Long manifold sections made of aluminum or steel require very costly if not prohibitive machine operations: our manifold sections don't. DYNAK Tap-Tubes are constructed of readily-available, non-corrosive copper tubing. They are very economical to use and the preferred choice where corrosion-resistance and contamination are concerns.

DYNAK Tap-Tubes are supplied either as factory-assembled manifolds or in convenient stock lengths for on-site fabrication to your own specific needs.

Tap-Tubes At A Glance

  • Pre-fabricated, requires no machining or pipe threading.
  • Leakproof silver-alloy brazing produces joints stronger than the tubing itself.
  • Copper construction helps eliminate contamination caused by rust or oxidation as found in steel or aluminum.
  • Custom sizes without the custom cost.
  • JIT fast delivery eliminates the need for inventory.
  • Large variety of sizes, styles and configurations to suit specific applications.

Typical Applications

  • Compressed air and gas distributions
  • Water and chemical distribution
  • Spray bar for cooling, quenching or paint applications
  • Exhaust Collectors
  • Custom laboratory applications

Tap Tube brochure (pdf)